Application to join

An application to join the family foundation can be submitted with a smart phone in just 15 minutes. There are neither application fees nor running fees.

The foundation maintains a family register. The family ID card is proof that a person has been registered.

The genealogical tables from the progenitor Nicolaus I (Clawes) Gercken (*1501) until 1910 are stored here:

The foundation registers anybody who can prove descendence from the grandfather of the founder. Married spouses are also registered. The foundation prefers e-mail communication including photos of documents to Scans or photos of a birth certificate or a wedding certificate must be supplied. The nearest family member who has already been registered must be named. Original documents mailed to the foundation are reviewed and returned to the sender swiftly. Copies, photos or scans remain at the foundation. Parents can apply for their children. If there are any questions please contact us by e-mail.