The size of all grants depends on the foundation’s income. The patronate decides on every single grant.

The parents of newborns are entitled to a welcome payment of 250 EUR as long as the latter are inducted into the family foundation prior to their 2nd birthday. 

Academic scholarships The foundation pays high school, college and university student foundation members a grant, i.e. a non-refundable monetary gift. Currently a completed high school diploma or Abitur earns a one-time grant of 250 EUR. For each of the first six college semesters, upon completion of each semester, 260 EUR are granted.  Thus, 1810 EUR are granted to each college student foundation member with a high school diploma.

Doctorate scholarships Those finishing a doctorate degree receive an additional grant of 500 EUR upon graduation.

Aid for those who have fallen upon hard times can be granted in exceptional and very rare cases upon a written application.

Following the will of the founder, Gercken scholars are encouraged to reimburse one sixth of their scholarship to the foundation, once they have achieved material wealth which enables them to do it. This is a voluntary practice.