Currently the patronate consists of the patron (chairman) and two counsellors (Latin: testamentarii). Dr. Eckart Reihlen from Calvörde is the elected patron of the foundation. As first counsellor, Dr. Lutz Buchmann from Möser was elected. His specialty is family history. Michael Göllnitz from Groß Rheide was eleceted second counsellor. He specializes in genealogy. Christiane Peters from Salzwedel is the elected honorary patron. The patronate usually decides unanimously and never against the vote of the patron. The patronate decides on the use of all foundation funds. Dorothee Feuerstack from Hamburg and Carmen Lüder-Meier from Lehrte are the elected financial auditors. The foundation and her archives are managed electronically.

Some members of the patronate made invaluable historic contributions to the foundation.  On September 17th, 1647, Sebastian Gercken received written authority by the family to restore the foundation after the end of the 30-year war (1618 – 1648).  Since 1648 scholarships have been granted. In 1986 Paul Gerhardt restored the foundation after decades of limbo in socialist East Germany. The foundation thus has survived both totalitarian regimes on German soil in the first half of the 20th century. In 2013 Christiane Peters was the first woman elected to serve as patron.

The patronate is constantly looking for volunteers among family members and their spouses.

Remuneration of the patronate The statute requries the patronate to limit administration expenses. The members of the patronate receive a very minor, symbolic, annual compensation. Fuel money and necessary materials for the work of the patronate are covered by the foundation. Toralf Meyer runs the patronate’s secretariat and IT resources for an hourly wage.  The elected financial auditors review the foundation’s finances annually.  The patronate issues a tax decaration annually with the help of a tax consultant who also furnishes an annual financial report. On rare occasions the patronate pays a legal counsel. The foundation is monitored by the Sachsen Anhalt foundation supervisory authority. The foundation is listed in the Federal German Transparency Register.

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Coat of arms of the foundation as depicted in a glass window in the town hall of Salzwedel. FotoClub Salzwedel e.V. for NGS.
The patronate uses modern IT.
The office of the foundation is located in the old post house of Salzwedel Neustadt, built in the 1730s.
May 30th, 1991 - first meeting of the patronate in a free Germany after 58 years of dictatorship. Left to right Mrs. Kiebelksties, Mr Krost, Mrs and Mr Gerhardt.
May 30th, 1991 - first meeting of the patronate in a free Germany after 58 years of dictatorship. Paul Gerhardt and Dr. Roland Jacob.
Summer 2021: Left to right Lutz Buchmann, Christiane Peters, Michael Göllnitz, Eckart Reihlen, Toralf Meyer. Photo group Salzwedel for NGS.
House sign of the foundation's office.