Family conference May 14th and 15th, 2022, in Salzwedel

Family Conference XXVII was held on Sunday the 15th of May 2022 in Salzwedel at Hotel Union, Goethestr. 11. Dr. Eckart Reihlen was elected patron. Christiane Peters was elected honorary patron. Eckart thanked Christiane for her long, dedicated work and pledged to carry on shaping the foundation’s character: (i) authenticity, (ii) longevity, (iii) educational purpose, (iv) family harmony and (v) Salzwedel home base


Every three years all family members are invited to the family conference to spend a few hours together in the early summer in beautiful Salzwedel. For all age groups, an exciting and entertaining program is organized, centering on the founder, the foundation and the city of Salzwedel.

The family conference is the highest organ of the foundation. The conference elects the patronate and the financial auditors. The conference can amend the statute as long as the change respects the will of the founder.

The patronate reports on the past 3-year period and proposes directions for the coming 3 years. Over coffee with fresh layered cake made in Salzwedel and over dinner there is plenty of time to socialize and to enjoy.