Application for a grant

If you are a registered family foundation member, applying for a grant should not take more than 15 minutes and a smart phone. Grants can only be paid out in the year following the registration.

The foundation can only process uncompressed and unencrypted  electronic grant applications by e-mail.
Any application must be received latest within a year after graduation from high school, or after finishing an academic semester or after the award of a doctoral degree. Applications received later than a year after graduation can not be considered.

Please include in your e-mail:
– 1. a very few lines in the e-mail outlining your CV
– 2. a scan or photo of the family foundation membership card
– 3. a scan or photo of your high school diploma (Abiturzeugnis)
– 4. a scan or photo of an immatriculation or study certificate from a college/university, showing completion of the semester applied for

To apply for follow-up payments in later semesters, point 4 is sufficient.

Complete applications must be submitted to the foundation by September 30th. Applications received afterwards are processed in the following year. The patronate decides in October on each application and on the size of possible grants.