With Nicolaus' eyes

A tour through the Hanseatic city of Salzwedel of 1607

After Nicolaus' time, yet worthwhile visiting

The office of the foundation in the Große St. Ilsen Str. 22 is always worth a visit. The same applies to the Kunsthaus, the Kulturhaus and the birth place of Jenny Marx, maiden name Johanna Bertha Julie Jenny Noblewoman of Westphalia.

Post office of Neustadt Salzwedel, Große St. Ilsen Str. 22. Seat of the foundation. FotoClub Salzwedel e.V. for NGS.
Kunsthaus, built in 1903 as a girls' school, Neuperverstr. 18. FotoClub Salzwedel e.V. for NGS.
Jenny Max Haus, Jenny Mark Str. 20. Built 1730. FotoClub Salzwedel e.V. for NGS.
Adler Pharmacy Neuperver Str. 24, residence of the Gerckens in Salzwedel Neustadt since Georg Gercken (1656-1726). Acc. to the horse shoe city map of 1725, this is house nr 151. The founder did not see this house, for it was built after he passed away.